"Rock with a heart, Pop with intelligence, and Soul for the feet..."

E Z R A W H O ?

There's a story behind the name Ezra Skye. In the mid 80's when working my first job at a McDonald's (stop trying to do the math...) there were always missing children posters hung near the counter. One of the children, a little boy around 5 or 6 years old stood out to me for some reason. I decided that if I were ever to publish music, it would be using his name. In a very small way, it would be my way of putting him back in the world... There's that, and I think it just plain sounds cool. Easy to remember too, right? I mean, hey, go outside, look up, and there's my advertising! How cool is that? Plus it matches my initials. (Eric Smith) It's pretty easy to spell too. Go ahead, try it. Practice typing it in as you Like my Facebook page, or follow me on Twitter or Instagram. Go ahead. I'll wait. When you're done, check out the News tab for the latest information about the upcoming release of Healing Heart.

W H Y ?

Honestly? I could no longer stand being someone who just "has a bunch of song ideas..." I am compelled to share the music in my heart and mind. I've always been drawn to songs of seeking and of healing; songs that both move the depths of my emotion, and my feet! Decades of garage bands, commercial bands, church bands, along with bolts of inspiration on the road, in the shower, or just about anywhere is about to echo back into what is about to become my debut release, Healing Heart. Rooted in genres from blues and funk rock and influenced by many other forms from musical theater to electronica, the music is at times reflective, and at other times urging you to your feet to dance. Touching on subjects from finding fun in the simplest that life has to offer, to breaking the chains of multi-generational abuse and never giving up on those you love, the lyrics intermingle with the music to create what I hope you will find becomes part of your own inspiration and story.