Birth of a Song – Hot Like This

I have no idea where inspiration for songs come from. The timeliness is also interesting. This one came at 5:10am. I hear a fusion of latin, rock, and dance. The lyrics have to do loosely with Revelation 3:15. Generally the song would be about being a risk taker – even if it means failing big sometimes – either very cold, or very hot, but given the choice – I’d rather be HOT LIKE THIS!

Scrawlings at 5:10am

Scrawlings at 5:10am

Gonna be hot or gonna be cold?
Silky smooth or unrefined and bold?

Ain’t gonna be Mr. Luke Warm
Better to be the calm or be the storm

Whole-hearted and wildly miss
I’d rather hit the mark…
I’d rather be…

(The SharePoint paper is just a bonus…)

ACTS Online – Get Yours Now!

ACTS Cover Image

Cover art for the coming release of ACTS

In case you were not among the three people who launched the career of Ezra Skye by purchasing the ACTS EP – you can still be among the few who will in the future be able to say “I purchased Ezra Skye music before the sell out!” or “I was the fourth person to purchase Ezra Skye Music!” or “I purchased Ezra Skye music before it was good!”  How can anyone refuse such a seductive pitch?

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SKELETONSS K E L E T O N S is the name of the upcoming collection of song recordings by Ezra Skye.  The collection will include a variety of music ranging from the deeply introspective songs One More Time and Best of Me to unabashed rock and funk in Good Time and Gonna Do with a good helping of spiritual and inspirational songs in between.   Subscribe to the RSS Feed of this website, ‘Like’ the Ezra Skye Facebook Page, or follow Ezra Skye on Twitter to get all the news as this exciting collection of songs are created and recorded.  I will be posting news about the contributing artists and musicians, videos of the recording sessions, interviews, and will welcome all of your interactions along the way.  Oh, and of course, I will talk a little bit more about why the whole project is called S K E L E T O N S