New Recording Preview: His Name (Through August)

As part of the S K E L E T O N S project, I’m near complete with the first song.  I’ve re-recorded vocals, changed the arrangement, and re-mixed.  Please take a listen and share the link.  I would love to hear any comments as well!

I will be putting together a promotional video for the song as well within the next couple of weeks.

His Name is a worship song simple extolling the Biblical names of Jesus, the demonstration of His great character, and our natural response to it all.

Here are the lyrics:

Jesus,  His Name,  God with us,
He  came Emmanuel; to take away our shame

Savior,  Of mercy, You gave your  Gift for free.
How mighty is the power of your…

Spirit,  Holy,  Counselor – You came with power
Leading us into all truth

Mighty,  And fearsome,  With comfort,  And grace…
You lead us to the face of our… 

Father, Almighty, Mountains can you move,
With a  whisper do you prove
You are King of Kings; Lord of all who live

Father, Your children praising you in song,
Our hearts tenderly drawn
To Your faithfulness, grace and perfect love

Jesus, Spirit, Father, Our God
We will worship you now and ever more!  (x3)