Take Heart Re-mixed (with lyrics)

Take Heart is now re-mixed and available to listen online over at SoundCloud.com:

Take Heart Lyrics:

Hurting hearts, can’t bear the pain
Tears are falling like the pouring rain

Harassed and helpless, one and all
In the darkness we stumble, we stumble and fall

On our breaking hearts, the world’s pleasures pull
While just One voice promises life to the full

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus our Lord!

And what shall we say to this message of the cross?
Foolishly obey – or forever wander lost?

And what shall we do with this precious gift of grace?
Love as we’ve been loved, or throw it back in his face?

Oh no! – oh oh – oh oh – oh

You’re pathetic.. Shut up! Loser! You’re a waste of space!   Why can’t you be more like your…  Just give up already!  Loser! I hate you!  You’re worthless!  You’ll never amount to anything… You’ll never change!


Women: Take heart! Take heart! – He has overcome the world!
Men:   Everyone born – of God – overcomes the world!
Hallelujah! Hal-le-lu-jah! He has overcome the world!

All: Take Heart!  Take Heart!  He has overcome the world!