Please Help Promote Healing Heart with a Photo!

Healing-Heart-Logo-and-Name(Black)-XSimply snap a pic with the Healing Heart and send it in!  Watch this video for more information, then follow the steps below:

If you have any questions, send them to me on my Contact Page.


Download the Healing Hearts Logo Here: Healing Hearts


Print out the page in color, and cut out one or more of the logos.  (the more pictures submitted, the better!)

STEP 3.Ryan Healing Heart

Take a picture holding the Healing Heart over your heart!  It can be a selfie, a group shot, a posed shot – anything that shows how many of us have Healing Hearts!

STEP 4. (last step)

Go to the Healing Hearts Upload Page and fill out the form with your name and any other information you would like to submit along with the photo (optional, but I would love to thank everyone who contributed by name).

Alternatively, you can submit the photo via E-mail to

Thank you for your help.  I can’t wait to see the great photos everyone submits!

A Change of Heart

Change Of Heart

Okay, reality check time.  In the world of published musicians, songwriters and performers, as of yet, I am a complete unknown.  In a way, that’s a great thing – on the plus side, I call all the shots, but I have to do all the work.  I have complete creative freedom…to potentially completely fail.  And if I want to change something like, say, the name of my debut album, well, I can!

Initially I decided to call it S K E L E T O N S – because of limited recording and engineering resources.  Likewise, the songs revealed deep things about my past.  The feedback I got however, was less than encouraging – and there is never a second chance to make a first impression.  And since only about 12 people have seen this so far, it won’t make too much difference!Healing Heart Logo_sm

The new name is Healing Heart.  Many of the songs express overcoming hurt, and pain, either personally, or sympathetically.  This is much more encouraging and organic to the music and lyrics on the album.

I had previously created the artwork for one of the many startup and quickly abandoned blogs – a heart with a band-aid.  Cute perhaps, but it is a good symbol of where to some extent we all are, or need to get to.

Enough writing, back to the music!