Who is Ezra Skye?

Ezra Skye is me.  With a love for music as a young child, to learning to play bass and guitar in middle-school to musical theater in high-school and college, to professional working bands in my 20’s to years of musical collaborations and leading worship music in church – these are all the foundation of what you will hear in any of my music.  I recall Chuck Jones of Looney Tunes fame commenting on who the humor was aimed at in their legendary animated cartoons – not for children, not for adults, but for themselves!  Similarly, I write the kind of music I love to listen to.   Call it confidence, or just ego, but I think you will love it too!


Ezra Skye is also a collection of artists contributing to releases under the Ezra Skye name.


Ezra Skye was the name of a little boy on a Missing Children’s poster back around 1985.  I decided back then if I were ever to publish music, I would use that name – and in a small way, put that missing person back into the world.


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