Birth of a Song – Hot Like This

I have no idea where inspiration for songs come from. The timeliness is also interesting. This one came at 5:10am. I hear a fusion of latin, rock, and dance. The lyrics have to do loosely with Revelation 3:15. Generally the song would be about being a risk taker – even if it means failing big sometimes – either very cold, or very hot, but given the choice – I’d rather be HOT LIKE THIS!

Scrawlings at 5:10am

Scrawlings at 5:10am

Gonna be hot or gonna be cold?
Silky smooth or unrefined and bold?

Ain’t gonna be Mr. Luke Warm
Better to be the calm or be the storm

Whole-hearted and wildly miss
I’d rather hit the mark…
I’d rather be…

(The SharePoint paper is just a bonus…)

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