Song Ideas on Piano – Autumn Leaves

Piano Idea

Piano Idea – Autumn Leaves

Work on my current album (Working Title: S K E L E T O N S) has hit its first major milestone – which is that the song creation phase for all the songs to be included in the release are completed in structure, have been written down and charted out for other musicians to collaborate on the performances.  This doesn’t mean that while working on the next phases – recording, mixing, mastering, publishing and promoting, that new ideas don’t continue to flow.

Autumn Leaves (a working title based on the shadow-play on the keyboard when I recorded the video) is an idea I’ve been casually playing around with for a while.  Most songs I write on piano have a bit to do with where my hands fall on the keyboard.  Not very musically academic I know, but this also happens to please my ears as well…  I never feel too beholden to stick to any one kind of song structure, but this one will most likely be a verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus-chorus arrangement.

In any case, enjoy the song in its infancy.  I’ll post more on it as it develops.

New Recording Preview: His Name (Through August)

As part of the S K E L E T O N S project, I’m near complete with the first song.  I’ve re-recorded vocals, changed the arrangement, and re-mixed.  Please take a listen and share the link.  I would love to hear any comments as well!

I will be putting together a promotional video for the song as well within the next couple of weeks.

His Name is a worship song simple extolling the Biblical names of Jesus, the demonstration of His great character, and our natural response to it all.

Here are the lyrics:

Jesus,  His Name,  God with us,
He  came Emmanuel; to take away our shame

Savior,  Of mercy, You gave your  Gift for free.
How mighty is the power of your…

Spirit,  Holy,  Counselor – You came with power
Leading us into all truth

Mighty,  And fearsome,  With comfort,  And grace…
You lead us to the face of our… 

Father, Almighty, Mountains can you move,
With a  whisper do you prove
You are King of Kings; Lord of all who live

Father, Your children praising you in song,
Our hearts tenderly drawn
To Your faithfulness, grace and perfect love

Jesus, Spirit, Father, Our God
We will worship you now and ever more!  (x3)

New Song: Eagle Eyes (Because You Were There)

This is a song that was inspired by a video posted by the Eagle Eyes project at Boston College.

Having grown up with my older brother who has Cerebral Palsy, I was accustomed as far back as a pre-schooler with the physical limitations others could have.  I would often accompany my brother to physical therapy sessions and see other children who couldn’t move at all.  I believe it shaped my life in more ways than I may ever understand.   There were some children who could not speak, but beamed the widest smiles when they saw me.  I think these experiences laid a foundation in my life to always strive to take notice of that which most others overlook – and to give them special honor.  I couldn’t know at the time, but the Eagle Eyes video reminded me of how close I was, with my own parents and the parents of the disabled children, to the intense and special love of these parents – and how their smiles alone was always enough for me.

None of the parents expected the challenges, or the opportunities presented by their children, but I hope I capture in the gentleness of the music and the subtlety of the lyrics the love that has, and continues to transcend words for so many disabled children and their parents.

The short days of our lives
what riches realized
greater than that of a smile?

Take into your hands
This gift unexpected
So bright and so shining and so alive

The sum of all we do
what measures more true
than love expressed and known by you?
known by you…

The breath of a promise kept
Whispered and heard
Just because you were there…
Just because you were there