Never Fade Away – Ready to Mix (Preview)

BackyardFogThe first track from Healing Heart ready to mix…  The lyrics ere written when I was in my early twenties – for someone who passed on very early from cancer.  Many of have been touched by such a loss, and so this song is dedicated to those whom we have lost, but whose love will always be with us.

Years later I’d lost the original tune and music, and rewrote what has become this arrangement:


A New Song for Valentines Day (Lyrics to “Last Love”)

This song is so new that I have absolutely nothing recorded for it yet.  I started out with the music, and knew I wanted the song to be about unrequited love – but even so, not with despair.  Before I met my wife, there were many times I felt the pain of a broken heart along the way.  Somewhere though, I decided to resolve that every romance would naturally end up in failure – except for the last one.  But if I withheld my heart at any point along the way to not get hurt, then it would make that last love an impossibility.

So that is what Last Love is all about.  If you sign up for the Ezra Skye Newsletter I will send you links to the first recordings that I post on SoundCloud.

Last Love

© 2015 Ezra Skye

How many times can you mend a broken heart?
How many more times can you fall in love,
Give your all & give it right from the start?

What if I were to run and hide, were to lock inside the key to my heart?
Could anyone ever find it there to ever leave me bare again in the dark?

How many times do I need to get past
Every awkward dance, every failed romance
Till the love that I know will last?


I won’t give up on you, I will wait for the day…
When I’ll look into your eyes and realize that every love dies
Until the last love – and that last love – is you…

Every time it hurts so bad – as much as it ever had before –
(But if it) didn’t hurt, then what was it worth and how did I end up with more?

How much longer? I don’t know how much stronger I can get…
(I feel like) giving up, but I must believe that we just still haven’t met  – so…



The hope of finding you will see me through once again
(Through the) darkest hours and till a new love flowers
I might just see you then – so…


Reference Recording Session: Golden

Reference Recording Progress January 2, 2015

Reference Recording Progress January 2, 2015

Working on the basics for the song Golden.  I’m realizing just how much I love the tone, groove, and soulfulness of songs from the ’70’s.

While most of my songs have existed for several years only on piano, or guitar – when it comes time to recording the other instruments, I have to decide what I really want…  For the bass I seem to keep channeling the spirit of John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin fame – which probably annoys the heck out of him, seeing he’s still alive and probably needs it…

The song is not quite ready to move over to the Contributor Recordings column yet (meaning, Chris Schmidt, Tim Howells, or Tom Keefer can get their hands on it to start working up their tracks) – because I still need to add a vocal reference track…

This is the first of many regular updates I plan on posting, but I might only push the larger milestones to the social media pages.  You can always subscribe to the website, or The Healing Heart Pulse category of posts via RSS if you want to track the progress of the Healing Heart debut album.  Don’t forget to sign up for the Sneak Previews Mailing List if you want to hear any of these works-in-progress recordings!


Golden is a song about making the most of your time as a parent.  The time parents have with children is fleeting – the only way to overcome the relentless march of time is to deliberately make the day – today – golden!