Never Fade Away – Ready to Mix (Preview)

BackyardFogThe first track from Healing Heart ready to mix…  The lyrics ere written when I was in my early twenties – for someone who passed on very early from cancer.  Many of have been touched by such a loss, and so this song is dedicated to those whom we have lost, but whose love will always be with us.

Years later I’d lost the original tune and music, and rewrote what has become this arrangement:


A New Song for Valentines Day (Lyrics to “Last Love”)

This song is so new that I have absolutely nothing recorded for it yet.  I started out with the music, and knew I wanted the song to be about unrequited love – but even so, not with despair.  Before I met my wife, there were many times I felt the pain of a broken heart along the way.  Somewhere though, I decided to resolve that every romance would naturally end up in failure – except for the last one.  But if I withheld my heart at any point along the way to not get hurt, then it would make that last love an impossibility.

So that is what Last Love is all about.  If you sign up for the Ezra Skye Newsletter I will send you links to the first recordings that I post on SoundCloud.

Last Love

© 2015 Ezra Skye

How many times can you mend a broken heart?
How many more times can you fall in love,
Give your all & give it right from the start?

What if I were to run and hide, were to lock inside the key to my heart?
Could anyone ever find it there to ever leave me bare again in the dark?

How many times do I need to get past
Every awkward dance, every failed romance
Till the love that I know will last?


I won’t give up on you, I will wait for the day…
When I’ll look into your eyes and realize that every love dies
Until the last love – and that last love – is you…

Every time it hurts so bad – as much as it ever had before –
(But if it) didn’t hurt, then what was it worth and how did I end up with more?

How much longer? I don’t know how much stronger I can get…
(I feel like) giving up, but I must believe that we just still haven’t met  – so…



The hope of finding you will see me through once again
(Through the) darkest hours and till a new love flowers
I might just see you then – so…


Recording Has Started!

...getting the ball rolling...

…getting the ball rolling…

Every project has to start somewhere.  Healing Heart is being recorded both locally and virtually.  Chris Schmidt and Tim Howells are rehearsing and recording locally in Connecticut, but Tom Keefer is going to be laying down lead guitar tracks in Western New York.  So far, all vocals will also be done locally too.

If you take a look at my board (the attached picture) then you can see I’m in the “reference recording” phase of the project.  This allows everyone to prepare for the actual recordings of the songs, whether local or remote.

If anyone has any interest in hearing any of the “works-in-progress” recordings, just let me know by leaving me a message.

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A Change of Heart

Change Of Heart

Okay, reality check time.  In the world of published musicians, songwriters and performers, as of yet, I am a complete unknown.  In a way, that’s a great thing – on the plus side, I call all the shots, but I have to do all the work.  I have complete creative freedom…to potentially completely fail.  And if I want to change something like, say, the name of my debut album, well, I can!

Initially I decided to call it S K E L E T O N S – because of limited recording and engineering resources.  Likewise, the songs revealed deep things about my past.  The feedback I got however, was less than encouraging – and there is never a second chance to make a first impression.  And since only about 12 people have seen this so far, it won’t make too much difference!Healing Heart Logo_sm

The new name is Healing Heart.  Many of the songs express overcoming hurt, and pain, either personally, or sympathetically.  This is much more encouraging and organic to the music and lyrics on the album.

I had previously created the artwork for one of the many startup and quickly abandoned blogs – a heart with a band-aid.  Cute perhaps, but it is a good symbol of where to some extent we all are, or need to get to.

Enough writing, back to the music!

New Song: Eagle Eyes (Because You Were There)

This is a song that was inspired by a video posted by the Eagle Eyes project at Boston College.

Having grown up with my older brother who has Cerebral Palsy, I was accustomed as far back as a pre-schooler with the physical limitations others could have.  I would often accompany my brother to physical therapy sessions and see other children who couldn’t move at all.  I believe it shaped my life in more ways than I may ever understand.   There were some children who could not speak, but beamed the widest smiles when they saw me.  I think these experiences laid a foundation in my life to always strive to take notice of that which most others overlook – and to give them special honor.  I couldn’t know at the time, but the Eagle Eyes video reminded me of how close I was, with my own parents and the parents of the disabled children, to the intense and special love of these parents – and how their smiles alone was always enough for me.

None of the parents expected the challenges, or the opportunities presented by their children, but I hope I capture in the gentleness of the music and the subtlety of the lyrics the love that has, and continues to transcend words for so many disabled children and their parents.

The short days of our lives
what riches realized
greater than that of a smile?

Take into your hands
This gift unexpected
So bright and so shining and so alive

The sum of all we do
what measures more true
than love expressed and known by you?
known by you…

The breath of a promise kept
Whispered and heard
Just because you were there…
Just because you were there