A Change of Heart

Change Of Heart

Okay, reality check time.  In the world of published musicians, songwriters and performers, as of yet, I am a complete unknown.  In a way, that’s a great thing – on the plus side, I call all the shots, but I have to do all the work.  I have complete creative freedom…to potentially completely fail.  And if I want to change something like, say, the name of my debut album, well, I can!

Initially I decided to call it S K E L E T O N S – because of limited recording and engineering resources.  Likewise, the songs revealed deep things about my past.  The feedback I got however, was less than encouraging – and there is never a second chance to make a first impression.  And since only about 12 people have seen this so far, it won’t make too much difference!Healing Heart Logo_sm

The new name is Healing Heart.  Many of the songs express overcoming hurt, and pain, either personally, or sympathetically.  This is much more encouraging and organic to the music and lyrics on the album.

I had previously created the artwork for one of the many startup and quickly abandoned blogs – a heart with a band-aid.  Cute perhaps, but it is a good symbol of where to some extent we all are, or need to get to.

Enough writing, back to the music!

Song Ideas on Piano – Autumn Leaves

Piano Idea

Piano Idea – Autumn Leaves

Work on my current album (Working Title: S K E L E T O N S) has hit its first major milestone – which is that the song creation phase for all the songs to be included in the release are completed in structure, have been written down and charted out for other musicians to collaborate on the performances.  This doesn’t mean that while working on the next phases – recording, mixing, mastering, publishing and promoting, that new ideas don’t continue to flow.

Autumn Leaves (a working title based on the shadow-play on the keyboard when I recorded the video) is an idea I’ve been casually playing around with for a while.  Most songs I write on piano have a bit to do with where my hands fall on the keyboard.  Not very musically academic I know, but this also happens to please my ears as well…  I never feel too beholden to stick to any one kind of song structure, but this one will most likely be a verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus-chorus arrangement.

In any case, enjoy the song in its infancy.  I’ll post more on it as it develops.

Take Heart Re-mixed (with lyrics)

Take Heart is now re-mixed and available to listen online over at SoundCloud.com:

Take Heart Lyrics:

Hurting hearts, can’t bear the pain
Tears are falling like the pouring rain

Harassed and helpless, one and all
In the darkness we stumble, we stumble and fall

On our breaking hearts, the world’s pleasures pull
While just One voice promises life to the full

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus our Lord!

And what shall we say to this message of the cross?
Foolishly obey – or forever wander lost?

And what shall we do with this precious gift of grace?
Love as we’ve been loved, or throw it back in his face?

Oh no! – oh oh – oh oh – oh

You’re pathetic.. Shut up! Loser! You’re a waste of space!   Why can’t you be more like your…  Just give up already!  Loser! I hate you!  You’re worthless!  You’ll never amount to anything… You’ll never change!


Women: Take heart! Take heart! – He has overcome the world!
Men:   Everyone born – of God – overcomes the world!
Hallelujah! Hal-le-lu-jah! He has overcome the world!

All: Take Heart!  Take Heart!  He has overcome the world!

New Recording Preview: His Name (Through August)

As part of the S K E L E T O N S project, I’m near complete with the first song.  I’ve re-recorded vocals, changed the arrangement, and re-mixed.  Please take a listen and share the link.  I would love to hear any comments as well!

I will be putting together a promotional video for the song as well within the next couple of weeks.

His Name is a worship song simple extolling the Biblical names of Jesus, the demonstration of His great character, and our natural response to it all.

Here are the lyrics:

Jesus,  His Name,  God with us,
He  came Emmanuel; to take away our shame

Savior,  Of mercy, You gave your  Gift for free.
How mighty is the power of your…

Spirit,  Holy,  Counselor – You came with power
Leading us into all truth

Mighty,  And fearsome,  With comfort,  And grace…
You lead us to the face of our… 

Father, Almighty, Mountains can you move,
With a  whisper do you prove
You are King of Kings; Lord of all who live

Father, Your children praising you in song,
Our hearts tenderly drawn
To Your faithfulness, grace and perfect love

Jesus, Spirit, Father, Our God
We will worship you now and ever more!  (x3)


SKELETONSS K E L E T O N S is the name of the upcoming collection of song recordings by Ezra Skye.  The collection will include a variety of music ranging from the deeply introspective songs One More Time and Best of Me to unabashed rock and funk in Good Time and Gonna Do with a good helping of spiritual and inspirational songs in between.   Subscribe to the RSS Feed of this website, ‘Like’ the Ezra Skye Facebook Page, or follow Ezra Skye on Twitter to get all the news as this exciting collection of songs are created and recorded.  I will be posting news about the contributing artists and musicians, videos of the recording sessions, interviews, and will welcome all of your interactions along the way.  Oh, and of course, I will talk a little bit more about why the whole project is called S K E L E T O N S