Song Ideas on Piano – Autumn Leaves

Piano Idea

Piano Idea – Autumn Leaves

Work on my current album (Working Title: S K E L E T O N S) has hit its first major milestone – which is that the song creation phase for all the songs to be included in the release are completed in structure, have been written down and charted out for other musicians to collaborate on the performances.  This doesn’t mean that while working on the next phases – recording, mixing, mastering, publishing and promoting, that new ideas don’t continue to flow.

Autumn Leaves (a working title based on the shadow-play on the keyboard when I recorded the video) is an idea I’ve been casually playing around with for a while.  Most songs I write on piano have a bit to do with where my hands fall on the keyboard.  Not very musically academic I know, but this also happens to please my ears as well…  I never feel too beholden to stick to any one kind of song structure, but this one will most likely be a verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus-chorus arrangement.

In any case, enjoy the song in its infancy.  I’ll post more on it as it develops.