Healing Heart


The Name

I didn’t start out with the name or concept of Healing Heart, but as I began compiling the songs for this debut work, I noticed a common theme: overcoming life’s challenges, not only for oneself, but for those whom you love as well.  We not only heal, but when we love, we share that healing to others too. So this collection of songs is dedicated to all who are in any stage of the healing heart.  My hope and prayer is that you will find hope, encouragement, and maybe just a bit-o-boogie among these songs!

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The Music

Got Your Number

What happens when you mix a bit of Muscle-Shoals inspired groove with a retro-pop love song theme and add a play on words about math? A really catchy song with a twist that’s fun to sing along with and fun to play!  See how many math references you can find in the lyrics!

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Well it just don’t add up
what you do to my heart
I’m divided over you
by that thing that you do

Can I count on you?
Well you know you can count on me

– just like 1-2-3
you’re gonna be with me

I got your number! 

 Before you, I was a perfect square
A great big zero, I was barely there
But when I’m – I’m ‘round you    
I’m in my prime, I got power too  (so…)


It’s kind of odd, even to me
I’m not your average guy
you know what I mean 

I’ll make a difference in your heart
Nothin’ but positive
from the start  (so tell me…) 


I know it’s not rational- It’s true –
but I’m set on you
And my love’s not conditional
– but it’s infinite this much is true!
I got your number! (x4)


Last Love

Love songs are great.  They’re all about love.  But what about all the break-ups, heart-aches, and and unrequited love leading up to that true love, that last love?

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How many times can you mend a broken heart?
How many more times can you fall in love,
Give your all & give it right from the start?

What if I were to run and hide,
were to lock inside the key to my heart?
Could anyone ever find it there, to ever leave me bare
Again in the dark?

How many times do I need to get past
Every awkward dance, every failed romance
Till the love that I know will last?


I won’t give up on you, I will wait for the day…
When I’ll look into your eyes and realize that every love dies
Until the last love – and that last love – is you…

Every time it hurts so bad as much as it ever had before
(But if it) didn’t hurt, what was it worth
and how did I end up with more?

How much longer? I don’t know how much stronger I can get…
(I feel like) giving up, but I must believe
That I just haven’t found you yet – so…


The hope of finding you will see me through once again
(Through the) darkest hours and till a new love flowers
And I just might see you then – so…

Extended CHORUS:

No I won’t give up on you, I will wait for that day
When that last love – that lasting love – will be you…

Best of Me

Breaking the chains of abuse takes more than a single generation.  This song takes the point of view of one generation that is attempting it and finds that it takes forgiveness and resolve across all generations to accomplish it.  From the chorus:

Take the best of me,
and leave the rest behind

To my many faults and weaknesses,
     I know you cannot be blind
But a heart that can’t forgive,
is a heart that can’t be kind
So take the best of me,
and leave the rest behind


Making the most of the precious few moments parents have with children.  Even though we may be parents, we still have unfinished business, ambitions and dreams to fulfill.  To remember how fleeting childhood is may just be the thing to take a day like today and make it “Golden”.    From one of the verses:

Day in and day out,
ride between faith and doubt

We all do the best that we can
You’ll never find your best
on the laurels which you rest

Greatness is always at hand

I Will Be Found By You

Based on Jeremiah 29:11-13, this song starts like a whisper and builds in strength, proclaiming one of the most encouraging, hopeful, and uplifting Scriptures in the Bible – both a promise and a love song…

Never Fade Away

This was written when I was in my teens upon the death of a friend and mentor to be sung at her funeral.  Lost is the original music, but rewritten in the last few years, it is a sad but hopeful tribute to someone who had a lasting positive impact on my life and holds true for anyone who while the person may no longer be with us, their love, and the impact on our lives is as strong as ever.

Good Time

Not all the songs are so heavy.  Good Time is a up-tempo old fashioned summertime feel-good song about finding fun in simplicity…

Walkin’ down to the river,
swimming time again

Spending time, with my brother
like discovering a long lost friend

And then I hear your sweet voice
my soul sister

And when I hear you say you love me
– but only in a whisper –
This is what I call…

     A Good Time!

One More Time

Sometimes, all we can do is watch someone we love self-destruct.  Because we love them we will do whatever it takes, like going headlong into a storm knowing it will cost us in hopes of rescue – as many times as it takes…  An excerpt from the chorus:

And there’s nothing left to say
Then you give your heart away
– one more time…

And you wish to God
you could take her place

All her suffering replace
As you give your heart away
– one more time…

Passing By

Around the time of the Gulf War, there were many stories of troops losing their lives.  At the same time, I lost one of my closest friends to cancer.  He left behind his wife and three small children.  Time is so fleeting.  If I were the one lost, but had one more night to spend with the one I loved the most, what would it be like?  An excerpt from the song:

What would you say
if we had that one last chance?

Would we talk all night,
or just silently dance?

Words always fail us somehow
Memories are our only partners now
– come spin me ‘round…

You Were There

A friend of mine is doing work for the Eagle Eyes project – helping severely disabled children who have no apparent physical way to communicate, express themselves through inexpensively custom-devices using Arduino and Raspberry Pi CPU boards.  Growing up with my older brother, who has Cerebral Palsy, I spent much of my childhood around disabled children.  So this program resonated with me, as I could see how, while no one else in the world could, these parents knew that their children had so much to offer, only could not communicate.  The value of life, is not on what we produce, but simply who we are – and who we are, involves more than we may ever understand, those who loved us and who where there for us when we needed them the most.


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The Musicians

Eric Smith – Songwriter, guitar, keys, bass, audio engineering

Eric More CowbellThe primary songwriter, Eric has been playing music since childhood. Eric was involved with musical theater in high school and college as well as played in numerous bands in Western New York and New York City.  Years of leading worship music in church has kept his playing sharp and has allowed him to work with many talented singers and musicians.  While holding rock and ’60’s R&B and funk in high-esteem, Eric also draws inspiration from Classical, Electronica, and anything on the cutting edge.  Able to play multiple instruments, Eric maintains the only virtuosity he strives for is in songwriting and overall music production – where it all comes together…

Tom Keefer – Guitar

Tom KeeferStarting with the bass guitar at age 15, Tom later picked up piano and guitar in high school making All County Chorus on his first try!  It was seeing The Eagles and Linda Ronstadt play during half time of one of the early ABC Monday Night Football games that cemented Tom’s long career in music.  As he puts it, “It was my Ed Sullivan/The Beatles moment”.  Along the way, artists like Kerry Livgren of Kansas and Tom Scholz of Boston, among many others influenced Tom’s intense and electric style of lead guitar.  Tom is a consummate musician though able play many kinds of music from Musical Theater back his college days to performing Christian music at Kingdom Bound to opening for the Red Hot Chili Pipers, as well as many Celtic festivals.  Tom’s musical philosophy is to make the world a better place through music.

Tim Howells – Saxophone, Keys20140303_184522_Android

Hailing from across the pond, Tim lays out a bit of his musical history:  “I started with the clarinet and piano which I wasn’t too enthusiastic about until ‘Santa’ left me a saxophone one Christmas and my parents bought me a series of jazz lessons from Harry Hayes.  After that I was all about jazz (and still am).

Inspiration to become a musician came when a music teacher at my middle school overheard me playing Tequila on the clarinet while warming up for a band rehearsal and asked if I’d like to play in a small jazz band he was putting together. We performed a small concert in front of the school a few months later. Playing music live was all I wanted to do from that moment on being influenced by the likes of Miles Davis and from a classical slant, Claude Debussy.

At the ripe old age of 14 my jazz-fusion band won a series of regional competitions to be picked to play in a youth concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London in front of about 5000 people. We played a couple of numbers on a circular stage in the middle of a screaming audience of 5000 people. After the show I signed two autographs for girls who were convinced that my band would be famous eventually. I hope they kept those autographs because you never know…

I once played in a band that did a lot of weddings, parties, charity events and the like. I was playing a saxophone solo at the front of the band when a buxom lady walked up to me and flashed me right there and then. I imagine that is what it must have been like to be a Rolling Stone…”

Tim’s musical philosophy is that “There are no wrong notes – just bad choices.” and hopes to achieve Fame and Fortune in working on the Ezra Skye Healing Heart album (Not necessarily in that order).

Chris Schmidt – Drums

Chris has been playing drums so long he can’t remember when he started!  “I’ve loved drums as far back as I remember. Besides a few lessons in elementary school, I officially started drum lessons at the age of twelve. In high school I was heavily involved in the music program and performed in the jazz band, concert band and the drum line.

My mom played guitar and sang. I have many fond memories of sitting on the front steps on summer evenings listening to her play. She was the one that made music a normal part of life for me and encouraged me to pursue playing.

Later, I played in a band named “The Rug Rats” in the 80’s and 90’s. We played at regularly at the Jersey Shore and had the opportunity to open up for bands like Blue Oyster Cult and the Georgia Satellites at the Stone Pony.

The drummers job is to keep time. Simple and tight can be powerful in a song. Sometimes too many big fills or complex beats can be a distraction to the music.   My main influences are John Bonham and the various drummers that recorded with Steely Dan.

I am enjoying being part of the creative process and creating some good music on the Ezra Skye Healing Heart album.

Sheila Galilei – VocalsSheila Galilei

Sheila Galilei’s love affair with the human voice began as early as grammar school where she and her two younger siblings began performing in front of her family. By the time she got to High School, she was featured in community events, school talent shows and choirs.

Family members who were also musicians, were supportive and inspirational but she was also inspired by great singers such as Gladys Knight, Aretha Franklin & Dionne Warwick.

Some key highlights in her professional career was a seven week tour to Europe, performing as the lead vocalist for the group “The Ronettes”, recording her first single under an independent label, Living Room Records and performing in Carnegie Hall the band Heritage O.P.

Her philosophy is “It’s a gift, you’ve got to share your gift, feel it with all your heart and give the gift to as many people as possible”.

Her goal in working on the Ezra Skye Healing Heart album is exactly that, “heal as many hearts as possible.” It’s what she’s done in the past and hopefully will do in the future.

Ursula Fobbs – Vocals

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