Reference Recording Session: Golden

Reference Recording Progress January 2, 2015

Reference Recording Progress January 2, 2015

Working on the basics for the song Golden.  I’m realizing just how much I love the tone, groove, and soulfulness of songs from the ’70’s.

While most of my songs have existed for several years only on piano, or guitar – when it comes time to recording the other instruments, I have to decide what I really want…  For the bass I seem to keep channeling the spirit of John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin fame – which probably annoys the heck out of him, seeing he’s still alive and probably needs it…

The song is not quite ready to move over to the Contributor Recordings column yet (meaning, Chris Schmidt, Tim Howells, or Tom Keefer can get their hands on it to start working up their tracks) – because I still need to add a vocal reference track…

This is the first of many regular updates I plan on posting, but I might only push the larger milestones to the social media pages.  You can always subscribe to the website, or The Healing Heart Pulse category of posts via RSS if you want to track the progress of the Healing Heart debut album.  Don’t forget to sign up for the Sneak Previews Mailing List if you want to hear any of these works-in-progress recordings!


Golden is a song about making the most of your time as a parent.  The time parents have with children is fleeting – the only way to overcome the relentless march of time is to deliberately make the day – today – golden!

A Change of Heart

Change Of Heart

Okay, reality check time.  In the world of published musicians, songwriters and performers, as of yet, I am a complete unknown.  In a way, that’s a great thing – on the plus side, I call all the shots, but I have to do all the work.  I have complete creative freedom…to potentially completely fail.  And if I want to change something like, say, the name of my debut album, well, I can!

Initially I decided to call it S K E L E T O N S – because of limited recording and engineering resources.  Likewise, the songs revealed deep things about my past.  The feedback I got however, was less than encouraging – and there is never a second chance to make a first impression.  And since only about 12 people have seen this so far, it won’t make too much difference!Healing Heart Logo_sm

The new name is Healing Heart.  Many of the songs express overcoming hurt, and pain, either personally, or sympathetically.  This is much more encouraging and organic to the music and lyrics on the album.

I had previously created the artwork for one of the many startup and quickly abandoned blogs – a heart with a band-aid.  Cute perhaps, but it is a good symbol of where to some extent we all are, or need to get to.

Enough writing, back to the music!